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11 Ways To Improve Ones Environmental Impact; Questions and Behaviours:

Briauna asked: Hey guys, anyone have any fun and easy tips or tricks to improve environmental impact? Substitutions in purchases or behavior? TIA!"  Well... guess what, I do.  Answers are highly general and abstract, but that's me and my voice:

1) Goal: Minimize both waste and energy in your…


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Updated Unpollute web landing

I'm not having the control of the mobile version like I'd like. But this ning site looks pretty good on a PC / Web browser!!!

I updated the site description blurb.  I think it's cool.  It was "Promoting a Greener and Healthier You! Everybody needs Transportation, Food, And Energy! Save yourself, save money, save the planet," but now it's refreshed.

Supporting and Choices are very good  new words to start explaining Unpollute.  :)  Everybody needs Transportation, Food, and…


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Swept I-205

Some heroes cleaned the I205 bridge bike lane!!

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Interesting Network

Ning can support a lot more features, but the simplicity is nice.

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RePost: Over 1170 Condemn Retraction and Pledge Elsevier Boycott

ISIS Report 11/12/13

Over 1170 Condemn Retraction and Pledge Elsevier Boycott

An open letter protesting journal retraction of Seralini study and pledging to boycott publishing giant Elsevier attracted  1 175 signatures in less than a week Dr Mae-Wan Ho and Prof Peter Saunders

Please circulate widely and repost, but…


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Fun Biking. You just don't get to enjoy this stuff driving...


Hey, cool I stuck a video in a blog... fancy.  Remember, I'm new at this... 


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Proper Awesome

Hope everyone gets their day in the sun.

Peace! Love! Light!


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Christie Administration Announces Significant Renewable Energy Milestone

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities


For Immediate Release: Contact:

March 19, 2013 Greg Reinert


Christie Administration Announces Significant Renewable

Energy Milestone

-New Jersey's Solar Market Surpasses 1 Gigawatt of Solar Capacity -

TRENTON, N.J. – The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities today announced that New Jersey's solar

industry has hit a significant milestone in surpassing one gigawatt (GW) of installed solar…


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Bike Commute Challenge Time

Hit the link on Unpollute's front page (left side) and check these out:


Bike%20Commute%20Challenge%20Kickoff%20Flyer.pdf   Getting it going.


Bike%20Commute%20Challenge%20Flyer.pdf  All the info you need.

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Unpollute means Advocating Environmentalism!

Feel free to give money to unpollute, it is fraud proof because it's simple.  I will keep it honest and financially  transparent.   Donated money will go to pay the Ning bill, then Unpollute-dot-Com domain bill, next a Ning Upgrade, then a new computing device, and last but not least the Offset Project known as Unpollute invented by yours truly... Unpollute boils down to funding individuals and businesses to use  daily alternative  or Zero Emission transportation methods and to participate…


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Bike Event!


I am thinking of setting up a bicycle event, and maybe even a BBQ event this spring and summer to help kick things off.

I was thinking Beginning or middle of June. I am thinking of making it a fund raiser of some sort to get this started.…


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Aloha Wellness Soul Healing Journey Hawaii

Wellness With Aloha offers  Kahuna wedding, emotional healing in the Heart of Hawaii, healing power to your body and soul, spiritual enlightenment, unique wellness experience  on the island of Hawaii.

Kahuna Wedding

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An article about Pollution's Favorite US Cities.

Sometimes I feel like it's cheating just to post links... but it's better than nothing.

This first one is to the article "America's Dirtiest Cities" at Forbes.com written by Christopher Helman.

Some of the comments left at…

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Carbon Neutrality

CarbonFree Blog

http://www.carbonfund.org has motivated me to blog again. For the "price" of me posting a blog with a link, that is "free!" they are offering to fund an offset project enough to offset my blog for a…

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Unpollute PDX

My Unpollute Bill is a key solution to climate change and other worldly issues. But now rewritten as a overall charter, I can use it as a template to move along through my business plan.

Locally, I plan to start "…


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What Is The Largest Irrigated Crop In The US?

The answer might surprise you:


While the wealthy pour clean, fresh water on their lawns, approximately 4,500 children die every day from the consequences of unsafe water and inadequate hygiene, and more than 1 billion people still have no clean water to drink according to WHO’s 2005 figures.

Here are some interesting facts about our biggest waste of drinkable water, the kind of water that people all over the world are dieing for:

The EPA… Continue

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Earthships: Sustainable Housing Made From Recycled Materials

Has anybody seen this? It's amazing, spread the word!

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Electric motorcycle racing history in San Jose this weekend

Yesterday a few electric motorcycles came to a gas bike race held over the weekend in San Jose, CA. There were two Zero S bikes, a conversion built by Richard Hatfield, and a totally home built bike made by Bob Schneeveiss. They were there as an exhibition event but they went on the same track as the gas bikes had gone. The event was a "flat track" race on a short oval.

Of special interest to me was Richard Hatfields bike. It's very powerful and is powered by an Agni motor.… Continue

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GMO article on Change.org

This issue is of importance to me now. So here, read on or follow the link to the original page:

Saying No to GMOs


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teaching kids

One of the key ways to save energy is changing the Furnace Filter and turning off the Bathroom Fan when you leave the bathroom. Finally, turning down the Thermostat is a quick way to save.

Are you guys teaching… Continue

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The Unpollute Charter and my Highest Aspiration: to get cleaner air by giving you money to enable nonpolluting modes of transport and sustenance. Carbon offset credits to the people... that's the idea I call Unpollute!

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Sustenance and Sustainability

What we eat and how it got to us, how it was grown, prepared, and/or packaged all matter. Sustainable products and industries will resist inflation and make the world and us healthier at the same time...

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Zero Emissions Vehicles

Bikes, eBikes, Segways, skate boards, running shoes... Electric: cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and even airplanes...

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Zero Emissions Power Generation and Storage

Political, Scientific, and Technological advances discussed here. Links to great articles...

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Green It Up

We already know that being "Greener" saves money and helps nature, but what green choices make the most impact? Link up your favorite green site or your blog here!

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Bicycle Commuting / Cycling / Less Driving

So nice that I consider it a privilege and a luxury, bike commuting sounds challenging, until you just do it... Info to speed you along the learning curve of biking and non-car transport...

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The solutions start with the reality. The reality is sobering....

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