Forward to the Zero Emissions Future.

Unpollute means Advocating Environmentalism!

Feel free to give money to unpollute, it is fraud proof because it's simple.  I will keep it honest and financially  transparent.   Donated money will go to pay the Ning bill, then Unpollute-dot-Com domain bill, next a Ning Upgrade, then a new computing device, and last but not least the Offset Project known as Unpollute invented by yours truly... Unpollute boils down to funding individuals and businesses to use  daily alternative  or Zero Emission transportation methods and to participate in many other manors of green and healthy techniques and technologies to conserve resources and money!  A little dedicated Green money could really go a long way if it jump-starts a business recycling effort or starts somebody on a life-long path of bicycle commuting.  Unpollute will always mean Advocating Environmentalism!


My system will be fair and green, monies spent will push the markets in directions we want, and those products and services will benefit the subject as well as help lower their Carbon Footprint.   Even if an individual made returns to the stores for personal profit from Unpollute funding the system can be set up to favor  in-store credit  or credit back to Unpollute.  Even if some people figured out how to sell Unpollute stuff quickly to generate cash, we'd still see the benefit of pushing the markets towards greener products.


I'll apply for non-profit 401(c) status for the business of Unpollute.com when possible.  I'm sorry, but until then your donations will not be tax-deductable -- but still acceptable!  Also accepting critiques and opinions of the charter and business plan-- I have lots of ideas for an amazing web experience and a paid staff of professional green promoters improving the lives of many with money targeted for Carbon Offsetting.  Go Cap-And-Trade and Carbon Exchanges!  There appears to be endless opportunities for City, State, and Federal department partnerships too!


Remember, an individual or business with Unpollute funds would be able to spend them on  3 Types of Qualifying Purchases:

1st Type: Zero Emissions Vehicles and Gear

· Bikes, skateboards, wheelchairs, roller blades, etc. including gear, equipment, and parts.
· Walking/Running Gear, including shoes.
· Electric Power scooters, chairs, bikes, boards, skates, and any other type of small Human Power / Electric Hybrid vehicles. All-electric or otherwise Zero Emission (Zero hydrocarbons in the exhaust) cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, trains, and/or buses.
· Any tools and other products specific to support, repair, use, upgrade, modify, or design Zero Emission vehicles.
· Research expenses specific Zero Emission vehicle design. For example: Power hub or Mag-Lev bearing designs for bikes or electric cars, or materials research for lighter bike frames.
· Apparel products, including, but not limited to: helmets, hats, gloves, shoes, pants, rain-gear, and performance bags or back-packs.
· Clothes that have specific transportation safety and/or weather resistant features shall qualify.

2nd Type: Zero Emissions Fuel and Power

· Food: Fuel for biking and walking is food. Food shall be a qualifying purchase if it passes certain specifications. A rating system shall be designed that will allow products to be judged on the basis of these, and possibly other, factors: bulk or other packaging considerations, food miles per lbs transported, micro-nutrient value per calorie, and/or sustainable or organic farming methods used, sold in a "farmers" (local) market. Ideal: organic or sustainably farmed, locally sourced, minimally processed food that is sold in bulk would qualify due to any one of those qualities.
Natural foods qualify, Fast-Food generally won't.

· Gardening tools, hand and electric types.

· Non-GMO seeds and plant starts.
· Solar energy collecting systems for persons, homes, businesses, and/or vehicles.
· Wind, Wave, Run-of-the-River, and other innovative power generating and storage systems.
· Utilities payments for Alternative power sources.
· Research expenses specific Zero Emissions fuel, including food, and power generation and/or storage.

3rd Type: Zero Emissions Services

· Public Transport (Buses, lightrail, other) tickets and/or passes.
· A personal transport service with a zero emission vehicle.
· A post or delivery service with zero emissions.
· Consulting, Installation, and other services which provide customers with Zero Emission (or otherwise improved "Green") solutions to typically polluting situations.
· Payments to a food service provider that uses 75% or higher of “foods and services that qualify.”

Benefits of the Zero Emissions Gift Card Fund Charity:

· Equivalent to some free transportation, food, and services becoming available for citizens.
· Economic Stimulus: Boosts consumer demand for needed technologies evoking the power of the free market to create jobs to fill the demands. Keeps our scientists and engineers and workforces busy and improving, not falling behind.
· Popular use would lower the Unite State’s dependency on oil and foreign oil.
· Fewer traffic jams saving travelers and businesses time and fuel.
· Helps mitigate some health care costs in the long run due to a healthier public, based on cleaner air in densely populated urban areas, and on more people getting exercise.
· Lowers wear of the roads, saving road maintenance costs.
· Lightweight and other Zero Emission Transportation devices abound, and a boon to this industry will cascade savings throughout the economy.
· Bikes and many other Zero Emission transport devices require no liability insurance, providing an opportunity for personal savings.
· Widespread use would help to push back the global warming threat and other pollution related threats, such as ocean acidification.
· This simple fund coupled with gift cards for American citizens would also improve National Security based on a rise in local/small food sources, and a lessening of our dependency on foreign oil.
· Clearer Air, Healthier Soils, and Cleaner Water.
· Lower Ecological and Carbon Footprint for participants.



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Comment by Emett on February 22, 2012 at 4:36pm

So, a .02 Dollar donation from my friend Steve Gill has completed the funding for the Unpollute.ning.com network to exist at this limited level (no twitter or facebook connections, etc) through about November.  I'm very glad to graciously receive the first external funding for Unpollute!  Thanks  Thanks  Thanks  Thanks  Thanks  

Thanks  Thanks  Thanks  Thanks  Thanks  Thanks  Thanks  Thanks  Thanks  !


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