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Clean and Green -- Links

EcoSpeed Changing name and website, but these Portland guys joined  UnPollute as  Network Member!

Joe-Bike A Favorite Bike Shop and Manufacturer in Portland. Specialty: Cargo Bikes. (Joe is another UnPollute Network Member!)

V is for Voltage Forums for All your electric vehicle questions, even highly technical ones.

TriMet Portland's great bus and lightrail system's website has awesome mapping and trip planning features!

ClimatePath Carbon Offsetting.

Solarbotanic Power Trees!

Bicycle Transportation Alliance Advocates Cycling.

BikePortland See the RSS Feed below.

Electric Bikes NW Stores in Portland, Bend, and Seattle, informative website.

Worksmancycles Utility Bikes

Optibike Fastest Electric Bikes, now I see they sell some for under 4 grand, looks good for commuting!

Segway The Balancing Transport.

Leitra Velomobiles Bikes you get into!

ItsElectric Power Hub Kits.

PowerInMotion Ebikes and More, Calgary.

Treehugger It's Environmental!

Worldbicyclerelief.org absolutely shares my dream, giving out bikes! It is a success and boon for the planet.

The League of American Bicyclists To promote ... a bicycle-friendly America.

Walkscore.com directly correlates to  alternate transport issues. It'll map your own neighborhood in surprisingly great detail, it'll probably help you find something local that's new to you.

Co-Motion Cycles Bikes literally for the whole family.

Finally: Take the Bike Commute Challenge, updated as the BikeMoreChallenge at https://www.lovetoride.net/ Track your performance and impact all year round. Make a team for your company or group if there is not one already. Then just bike a lot!

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Updated Unpollute web landing

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Swept I-205

Posted by Chuck Grall on September 10, 2018 at 8:53am 0 Comments

Interesting Network

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Local Radar Doppler

Portland, OR Doppler Radar

Portland/Seattle radar image

Northwest regional radar Map

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Petrochemicals: The Real Weapons of Mass Destruction: Part I

I do not intend to instill fear in anyone. Fear is counterproductive. However, it is necessary to state with clarity and vision the wanton destruction that is occurring on this beautiful planet. It is absolutely imperative that the following information be assimilated and acted upon NOW or life as we know it will not survive another 60 to 70 years. This is a fact, not an opinion. I don't sugar-coat distasteful subjects, nor do I tread lightly when the future of our children and our planet are…See More
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"Oh wow!   Steel and Silicone Drinking Straws are a thing now.  Great options are already out there and this gets rid of an entire class of single use disposable plastic -in it’s full-life-cycle- toxic items.)  I believe…"
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First ride: Lift eFoil electric hydrofoil board on Electrek

The Lift eFoil is an electric hydrofoil board that literally lets you fly over water. Great for lakes, bays and rivers, it offers a silent and maintenance-fr...
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The Most Amazing Thing About Trees

Hope this was worth the wait! So many people helped with this video: Prof John Sperry, Hank Green, Henry Reich, CGP Grey, Prof Poliakoff, my mum filmed for m...
May 15

News from the Green Car Congress

California Governor signs two bills to strengthen emission standard for trucks; Executive Order leverages $700B portfolio to strengthen climate resiliency

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed two bills to strengthen emission standards for trucks, semis and other high-pollution vehicles. The Governor also issued an executive order directing the leveraging of the state’s $700-billion CalPERS, CalSTRS and UC Retirement Program portfolio to drive investment toward carbon-neutral technologies. The order also directs the...

24 states, LA and NYC file suit against Trump Administration over One National Program Rule

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra today, with Governor Gavin Newsom and the California Air Resources Board, led a coalition of 24 state attorneys general and the cities of Los Angeles and New York in filing a lawsuit against the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The lawsuit challenges the Trump...

Audi aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% over the vehicle lifecycle by 2025

Audi has set the goal of successively reducing vehicle-specific CO2 emissions by 30% by 2025 compared with reference year 2015 and over the entire product lifecycle. In the long term, Audi is pursuing the vision of CO2-neutral mobility and aims to be climate-neutral throughout the company on balance by 2050....

TreeHugger Slide Shows

Photo: Cute treehopper is a master of camouflage

Our photo of the day comes from the rainforest of Ecuador.

Photo: Glorious great egret displays its prize

Our photo of the day comes from Hampton, New Hampshire.

Photo: Bumblebee seeks nectar on native milkweed

Our photo of the day comes from Staten Island, New York.

Photo: Hints of autumn descend on Maine

Our photo of the day features the Kennebago River.

Photo: Sunrise Point lives up to its name

Our photo of the day comes from Washington's Olympic National Park.


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The Unpollute Charter and my Highest Aspiration: to get cleaner air by giving you money to enable nonpolluting modes of transport and sustenance. Carbon offset credits to the people... that's the idea I call Unpollute!

13 discussions

Sustenance and Sustainability

What we eat and how it got to us, how it was grown, prepared, and/or packaged all matter. Sustainable products and industries will resist inflation and make the world and us healthier at the same time...

15 discussions

Zero Emissions Vehicles

Bikes, eBikes, Segways, skate boards, running shoes... Electric: cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and even airplanes...

12 discussions

Zero Emissions Power Generation and Storage

Political, Scientific, and Technological advances discussed here. Links to great articles...

23 discussions

Green It Up

We already know that being "Greener" saves money and helps nature, but what green choices make the most impact? Link up your favorite green site or your blog here!

10 discussions

Bicycle Commuting / Cycling / Less Driving

So nice that I consider it a privilege and a luxury, bike commuting sounds challenging, until you just do it... Info to speed you along the learning curve of biking and non-car transport...

17 discussions


The solutions start with the reality. The reality is sobering....

8 discussions

BikePortland.Org Feed

Photos and thoughts from a powerful Climate Strike

Photos and thoughts from a powerful Climate Strike

Young people are literally fighting for their lives when it comes to climate change. And in downtown Portland today, they inspired tens of thousands of people to show up and fight with them.

Portland’s contribution to the global Climate Strike felt like not just a powerful event, but the start of a larger movement that will launch even more teenage organizers into many facets of climate-related politics, policies, and projects. While doom and depression often accompany this topic, today’s event had just as much celebration as seriousness. There was music and dancing before the rally at Terry Schrunk Plaza and plenty of smiles across many faces of the high-schoolers in attendance (not to mention tons of clever signs).

As the speeches started, the smiles turned to shouts, songs, and stories of how a warming planet is already having devastating impacts on many people. The rally had a strong focus on indigenous people and islanders: The former who’ve already lost so much from the systems that have caused our climate crisis; the latter who stand to lose everything if we don’t turn things around.

Continue reading Photos and thoughts from a powerful Climate Strike at BikePortland.org.

Editorial: Accounting for our commitment to climate action

Editorial: Accounting for our commitment to climate action

Yesterday Portland released an update on local carbon emissions. The results are troubling. With demonstrations planned tomorrow as part of the Global Climate Strike, I anticipate City Hall will put out a statement supporting the event and use the occasion to reaffirm Portland’s “commitment to climate change”.

But just how committed are we? I’d say not very if you look at how little priority we’ve given to tracking our progress thus far.

In 1993, Portland was the first city in the US to create a climate action plan, yet we still don’t consistently report our results. This lack of basic accounting allows government agencies to control the progress narrative and doesn’t allow for the honest reckoning this issue demands.

This lapse in basic accountability begs us to ask whether the city’s Bureau of Planning & Sustainability (BPS, who compiles the report) or the Mayor who oversees them, is either not competent enough to monitor the biggest crisis of our generation, is trying to spin the truth, or simply doesn’t care enough to prioritize it.

Continue reading Editorial: Accounting for our commitment to climate action at BikePortland.org.

Weekend Event Guide: Surly Day, Harvest Century, Sunday Parkways, and more

Weekend Event Guide: Surly Day, Harvest Century, Sunday Parkways, and more


Harvest Century (Sunday): Choose from four routes and enjoy superb support and breathtaking roads on the last big organized ride of the season.

It’s time to get your weekend plans in order.

Friday is unofficially Climate Day in Portland. The big strike and rally starts at 10:30 in front of City Hall and I hope to see a lot of BikePortlanders in the crowd.

And despite rumors about summer being over, it looks like we should have plenty of sunshine. Check our selections below and make it a great weekend…

Friday, September 20th

Park(ing) Day – All day in a street near you
If you’re downtown today, give yourself a bit of time to lounge and enjoy our public right-of-way that’s typically used as car storage. See some of the participating locations on this handy map.

Continue reading Weekend Event Guide: Surly Day, Harvest Century, Sunday Parkways, and more at BikePortland.org.

Report: Portland transportation emissions ‘increasing dramatically’

Report: Portland transportation emissions ‘increasing dramatically’

A 21-page white paper released today by the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability says carbon emissions from the transportation sector are “increasing dramatically” and are currently 8% over 1990 levels.

“The increase… is largely the result of more people moving to Portland and driving vehicles on our roads.”
— from the report

The news about emissions from cars, trucks and other gas-powered vehicles is bad across the board. The 3,216,000 metric tons of CO2 they released into our air is 14% above their lowest levels in 2012 and have gone up year-over-year for the past five years, growing faster than population growth over the same period.

According to Multnomah County 2017 Carbon Emissions and Trends (PDF) the transportation sector accounts for 42% of local emissions. The report looked at sources and trends in Multnomah County from 1990 to 2017.

Continue reading Report: Portland transportation emissions ‘increasing dramatically’ at BikePortland.org.


We stand with the Mbya Guarani People as they resist coal. #ProtectClimateDefenders

Earlier this week armed men made death threats to a Chief of the Mbya Guarani People, from the Guadjayvi village, in South Brazil. Chief Claudio Acosta has been leading his community's resistance to a large coal mining project: the Guaiba Mine of COPELMI. We're encouraging people around the world to show their solidarity with the Mbya Guarani People.

Check the map Join the call Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

How Europe kicked off #ClimateStrike

The Global Climate Strikes kicked off in Europe on the 20 September. See the highlights and feel the power!

How the US kicked off #ClimateStrike

The Global Climate Strikes kicked off in the US on September 20th. See the highlights and feel the power!

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