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Clean and Green -- Links

EcoSpeed Changing name and website, but these Portland guys joined  UnPollute as  Network Member!

Joe-Bike A Favorite Bike Shop and Manufacturer in Portland. Specialty: Cargo Bikes. (Joe is another UnPollute Network Member!)

V is for Voltage Forums for All your electric vehicle questions, even highly technical ones.

TriMet Portland's great bus and lightrail system's website has awesome mapping and trip planning features!

ClimatePath Carbon Offsetting.

Solarbotanic Power Trees!

Bicycle Transportation Alliance Advocates Cycling.

BikePortland See the RSS Feed below.

Electric Bikes NW Stores in Portland, Bend, and Seattle, informative website.

Worksmancycles Utility Bikes

Optibike Fastest Electric Bikes, now I see they sell some for under 4 grand, looks good for commuting!

Segway The Balancing Transport.

Leitra Velomobiles Bikes you get into!

ItsElectric Power Hub Kits.

PowerInMotion Ebikes and More, Calgary.

Treehugger It's Environmental!

Worldbicyclerelief.org absolutely shares my dream, giving out bikes! It is a success and boon for the planet.

The League of American Bicyclists To promote ... a bicycle-friendly America.

Walkscore.com directly correlates to bike and alternate transport issues. It'll map your own neighborhood in surprisingly great detail, it'll probably help you find something local that's new to you.

Co-Motion Cycles Bikes literally for the whole family...

Finally: Take the Bike Commute Challenge, September is bike month, but this website can track your performance and impact all year round. Make a team for your company or group if there is not one already. Now bike a lot...


Local Radar Doppler

Portland, OR Doppler Radar

Portland/Seattle radar image

Northwest regional radar Map

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"Link to Vox article about the importance of zero emissions and even negative carbon emissions -- and we must be starting soon: Show this cartoon to anyone who doubts we need huge action on climate change I've like some of the big…"
Jul 27
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Fastest Man in the World !

Fastest Man in the World ! fastest man on earth , on planet this title is his Dream Facebook Page:-https://www.facebook.com/top10informationssss/?fref=ts Goo...
Jul 26
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'Time to ride' clock /kinetic art

DIY clock #cycling maker upcycle probably harder to make than it looks. The disc brake part had 12 holes, enough for 12 spokes to hook to. then other spokes ...
Jul 15
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Jul 2
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"Sounds like part of the plan with Unpollute here -…"
Jul 2
Emett replied to Emett's discussion Human Powered Transport and Other Devices.
"Segway's New Skates!  Click for Segway's site... "
Jul 2
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"Lift up and blast off with support for each other. Inspiring ad- free publication: Yes! Magazine. Awesome! @yesmagazine #unpollute"
Dec 4, 2017
Emett replied to Emett's discussion E-Bike motor options. Growing list of choices!
Nov 21, 2017
Emett's blog post was featured

Unpollute means Advocating Environmentalism!

Feel free to give money to unpollute, it is fraud proof because it's simple.  I will keep it honest and financially  transparent.   Donated money will go to pay the Ning bill, then Unpollute-dot-Com domain bill, next a Ning Upgrade, then a new computing device, and last but not least the Offset Project known as Unpollute invented by yours truly... Unpollute boils down to funding individuals and businesses to use  daily alternative  or Zero Emission transportation methods and to participate in…See More
Nov 21, 2017
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Anthropogenic Climate Change US Study

Likely the Earth would have cooled recently without human influence.   That's the report. Here's  a link to the fantastic Weather Underground (www.wunderground.com) article by Bob Henson:  Blockbuster Assessment: Humans Likely Responsible For Virtually All Global Warming Since 1950s …See More
Nov 6, 2017
ElmTree posted videos
Oct 17, 2017

News from the Green Car Congress

Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak produces around 20% of its own energy requirements via recuperation

For a fully-electric racing car like the record-breaking Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak (earlier post), the weight of the battery is especially important—it is the heaviest individual component, and each increase in weight has a detrimental effect on the car’s performance. Volkswagen Motorsport engineers sought to keep the batteries as...

Rolls-Royce launches new modular Li-ion battery system for ships: SAVe Energy

Rolls-Royce is launching a lithium-ion based energy storage system for ships. Rolls-Royce has been delivering energy storage systems since 2010, however the actual energy storage units were previously supplied by an external party. Illustration of a ship system setup with batteries. This example shows a hybrid system for a tugboat....

CELEST, largest German research platform for electrochemical storage, begins operation

The Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage Ulm & Karlsruhe (CELEST), the largest German research platform for electrochemical, comprising research into Li-ion batteries, post-Li technologies, fuel cells, and redox-flow batteries, has begun operation. CELEST combines finding-oriented research with close-to-practice development and innovative production technology. CELEST pools the know-how of 29 institutes...

TreeHugger Slide Shows

Photo: Storm over Mt. Hood is a moody beauty

Our photo of the day was taken from Trillium Lake, Oregon.

Photo: Wasps are people too!

Our photo of the day shows a yellow jacket's cute side, and offers a reminder as to why wasps are so important.

Photo: Hidden feather star extends arms seeking food

Few things are prettier than a flower-like sea creature with feathery appendages.

Photo: Pretty pronghorn mom bonds with newborn fawn

Our photo of the day reveals a moment of true wonder.

Photo: Cute roadrunner sprints out of a cartoon

Our photo of the day comes from Whale Rock Reservoir in California.


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The Unpollute Charter and my Highest Aspiration: to get cleaner air by giving you money to enable nonpolluting modes of transport and sustenance. Carbon offset credits to the people... that's the idea I call Unpollute!

13 discussions

Sustenance and Sustainability

What we eat and how it got to us, how it was grown, prepared, and/or packaged all matter. Sustainable products and industries will resist inflation and make the world and us healthier at the same time...

15 discussions

Zero Emissions Vehicles

Bikes, eBikes, Segways, skate boards, running shoes... Electric: cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and even airplanes...

12 discussions

Zero Emissions Power Generation and Storage

Political, Scientific, and Technological advances discussed here. Links to great articles...

20 discussions

Green It Up

We already know that being "Greener" saves money and helps nature, but what green choices make the most impact? Link up your favorite green site or your blog here!

9 discussions

Bicycle Commuting / Cycling / Less Driving

So nice that I consider it a privilege and a luxury, bike commuting sounds challenging, until you just do it... Info to speed you along the learning curve of biking and non-car transport...

16 discussions


The solutions start with the reality. The reality is sobering....

8 discussions


Reclaiming power – Poland’s first climate camp

The motto of Poland’s first ever climate camp was “reclaiming power”. To me, the camp’s real lasting impact is in helping us reclaim hope for climate action in the land of coal.

Overcoming Despair

I wrote this as a reflection of the rollercoaster of emotions I feel working on climate change and how I find a way to continue working for justice even when it might seem futile.

The ripple effect

It’s easy to feel helpless when it comes to climate change. But one of the best ways we can all...

Recruitment for #RiseForClimate has officially kicked off!

The final month of recruitment for the Rise for Climate global day of action on September 8th has kicked off....

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