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Clean and Green -- Links

EcoSpeed Changing name and website, but these Portland guys joined  UnPollute as  Network Member!

Joe-Bike A Favorite Bike Shop and Manufacturer in Portland. Specialty: Cargo Bikes. (Joe is another UnPollute Network Member!)

V is for Voltage Forums for All your electric vehicle questions, even highly technical ones.

TriMet Portland's great bus and lightrail system's website has awesome mapping and trip planning features!

ClimatePath Carbon Offsetting.

Solarbotanic Power Trees!

Bicycle Transportation Alliance Advocates Cycling.

BikePortland See the RSS Feed below.

Electric Bikes NW Stores in Portland, Bend, and Seattle, informative website.

Worksmancycles Utility Bikes

Optibike Fastest Electric Bikes, now I see they sell some for under 4 grand, looks good for commuting!

Segway The Balancing Transport.

Leitra Velomobiles Bikes you get into!

ItsElectric Power Hub Kits.

PowerInMotion Ebikes and More, Calgary.

Treehugger It's Environmental!

Worldbicyclerelief.org absolutely shares my dream, giving out bikes! It is a success and boon for the planet.

The League of American Bicyclists To promote ... a bicycle-friendly America.

Walkscore.com directly correlates to bike and alternate transport issues. It'll map your own neighborhood in surprisingly great detail, it'll probably help you find something local that's new to you.

Co-Motion Cycles Bikes literally for the whole family...

Finally: Take the Bike Commute Challenge, September is bike month, but this website can track your performance and impact all year round. Make a team for your company or group if there is not one already. Now bike a lot...

TreeHugger Slide Shows

2020 Tokyo Olympics medals will be made from metals recovered from e-waste

By reclaiming precious metals from its 'urban mine' of obsolete electronics, Japan may be able to produce the medals for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics from recycled materials.

Airlander crash-lands on its no-longer flying bum

The second flight doesn't quite go as smoothly as the first.

5 houseplants for removing indoor air pollution

New research finds that certain houseplants are best for removing specific harmful compounds.

Japanese companies saving money and energy by crowding the elevators, turning out lights

How much of a difference it makes is another story, but it's the thought that counts.



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Clean Energy, check out San Diego's Future!

Clean Energy is the term that is encompassing the need and helping people agree long enough to make plans. Thanks to it's lack of any negative connotations we can have something nice to talk about.  Getting it done will be work, but there's nothing wrong with that.If the suburbs of San Diego can have hope, then so can you. Reading an article like this one: Clean Energy Economy, can really make your day.Support…See More
May 26
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Buying Green, and why not?

Very quick inspirational Australian news article called Ethical shopping: What stops you buying environmental and ethical products?936 ABC Hobart By Carol Raabus So keep up with making the best, lowest ecologically impacting, choices for all the products and…See More
May 19
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Standing Up Around the Planet to End the Unsustainable Growth of the Fossil Fuel Industry.

People are ready to fight for the change we need.  Status quo  is not good at all, so it must be denied.  Be there to stop them every time and things will get better and better!  Constant vigilance! I just got one of the best emails:Will Bates - 350.org <350@350.org> May 16 at 1:13 PMToEmett StasiukMessage bodyBreaking Free. Making history.Friends,For the past 12 days, thousands of…See More
May 17
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"Please join Unpollute.com and share some of your favorite Environmental educational videos, articles, and blogs!"
May 14
Emett replied to Emett's discussion Unpollute's Overall Charter and Mission Statement
"Wow, this is still novel, and now finally the USA is waking up to the fact that yes we must lower our impact.  Per capita, and not just clean up after we see the disaster.... And I have still not seen a better plan to change Americans'…"
May 14
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May 14
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Apr 23
Emett replied to Emett's discussion Zero Emission Airplanes: IATA Calls for a Zero Emissions Future
Apr 22
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"So.... how about electricbikereview.com ... how sweet! "
Mar 29
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The Mistress. Stolen... Schwinn Fastback Sport, all aluminum road bike. Old frame, but armored tires and sweat equity make it very valuable to me.

"Custom wire fender attachments... also it's covered in reflective tape/stickers and glued-on lights... armored tires for commuting..."
Mar 29
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March2010 099

"Been enjoying this ride the last year or so after an amazing zombie resurrection!  Unfortunately it just got stolen!"
Mar 29
Emett replied to Emett's discussion Wind Power Discussion
"I've long been dreaming of flopping ratchet trick (like on a pendulum) to make a sail-like wind power device.  Small as leaves, big as a house... or check this…"
Feb 11

Local Radar Doppler

Portland, OR Doppler Radar

Portland/Seattle radar image

Northwest regional radar Map

Recycling Widget from Earth911



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The Unpollute Charter and my Highest Aspiration: to get cleaner air by giving you money to enable nonpolluting modes of transport and sustenance. Carbon offset credits to the people... that's the idea I call Unpollute!

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Sustenance and Sustainability

What we eat and how it got to us, how it was grown, prepared, and/or packaged all matter. Sustainable products and industries will resist inflation and make the world and us healthier at the same time...

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Zero Emissions Vehicles

Bikes, eBikes, Segways, skate boards, running shoes... Electric: cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and even airplanes...

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Zero Emissions Power Generation and Storage

Political, Scientific, and Technological advances discussed here. Links to great articles...

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Green It Up

We already know that being "Greener" saves money and helps nature, but what green choices make the most impact? Link up your favorite green site or your blog here!

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Bicycle Commuting / Cycling / Less Driving

So nice that I consider it a privilege and a luxury, bike commuting sounds challenging, until you just do it... Info to speed you along the learning curve of biking and non-car transport...

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The solutions start with the reality. The reality is sobering....

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News from the Green Car Congress

Cypress introduces new single-chip automotive MCU solution; hybrid instrument clusters, head-up displays and traditional gauges

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced a new addition to its Traveo automotive microcontroller (MCU) family with more memory for program code and graphics to support hybrid instrument cluster applications. The new, highly integrated devices in the S6J32xE series provide a single-chip...

Enerkem plant becomes first ISCC-certified plant to convert municipal solid waste into biomethanol

Enerkem Inc., a waste-to-biofuels and chemicals producer, has obtained certification from the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) system for the biomethanol production of its Enerkem Alberta Biofuels full-scale facility in Edmonton, Canada. This biorefinery therefore becomes the first ISCC-certified...

Orange EV approved for California incentives of up to $120,000 per Class 8 electric truck

Orange EV announced that businesses and organizations with fleets in California can receive a preliminary voucher of $95,000, increasable up to $120,000, toward the purchase of a new T-Series battery-electric Class 8 terminal truck with extended duty battery pack. Orange...


Exxon Killed The Reef

The seas of dead coral are a crime scene. This year, the world witnessed the most devastating mass coral bleaching event ever recorded which left behind dead reefs in at least 38 countries. Many of these reefs will never recover. The immediate cause is clear: the ongoing rise in global ocean temperatures that comes from climate...

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