Forward to the Zero Emissions Future.

Like it says, solar has the most potential...


This link is thanks to Nikki.

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Local Boy lauded for Solar Cell Invention. 3D solar cells, of course!!! Trap more light. If you think about it, solar cells should be black since the intent is to capture the photon to knock loose electrons...
Solarbotanic has proof of concept for artifical trees. Energy for us! I love this. I've been thinking along these lines for over 10 years. 15 years ago I thought up a capillary tree, and figured it would also harness solar energy, and wind through piezo leaf flutter... Well, I'd be upset that I'm too slow and these guys are moving on my idea, but it's just too great! That, and I've got plenty of good ideas left...

This is a HUGE ADVANCE right here! Decentralizing huge amounts of power production through pushing a mass a installation of home sized units could make the difference we're all looking for... Check out the site share your opinion here!
Post your favorite Solar info here...

Neighborhoods are solarizing, homes are solarizing, businesses are starting up, Obama talks about it.

A good first Highlight of the Week!

Tesla leads like few other companies.  R & D respect! 

Solar roofing, sounds like it's ready to go...

Link to Tesla home SolarRoof




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The Unpollute Charter and my Highest Aspiration: to get cleaner air by giving you money to enable nonpolluting modes of transport and sustenance. Carbon offset credits to the people... that's the idea I call Unpollute!

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Sustenance and Sustainability

What we eat and how it got to us, how it was grown, prepared, and/or packaged all matter. Sustainable products and industries will resist inflation and make the world and us healthier at the same time...

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Zero Emissions Vehicles

Bikes, eBikes, Segways, skate boards, running shoes... Electric: cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and even airplanes...

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Zero Emissions Power Generation and Storage

Political, Scientific, and Technological advances discussed here. Links to great articles...

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Green It Up

We already know that being "Greener" saves money and helps nature, but what green choices make the most impact? Link up your favorite green site or your blog here!

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Bicycle Commuting / Cycling / Less Driving

So nice that I consider it a privilege and a luxury, bike commuting sounds challenging, until you just do it... Info to speed you along the learning curve of biking and non-car transport...

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The solutions start with the reality. The reality is sobering....

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