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So, My little non-profit will accept donations and Carbon Offset money to issue people Unpollute Gift Cards. $500 seems like a nice number to start with. People could really get going with that amount. A tune-up or maintenance book and tools, plus some gear... remember the idea is that the card would be good for anything that enables Zero Emission transport and energy production. Would that get you biking (or pedaling a generator at home) or using other green transport for 20% of the trips for your *target commute* in the first year? Could you aim for 50% non-car trips in the 2nd year?

I suppose I can't give money to minors, so it would have to all go to the parents. ???

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Transport will be Stage 1!
Stage 2, the cards get funds for and will fund the sustainable farming/slow food/local food organic food movement. good food for energy producing peoples.

Stage 3, the cards get funds for and will fund the Zero Emission home and business energy supply movement.
Ideally, I'd like the Unpollute Gift Cards to be handled through a government office, with funds from an Unpollute bill as well as charity, and handed out to the entire given population (tax-payers, extra funds for each dependent) because this would enable the system to start driving the economy towards a clean and healthy consciousness.

People could donate their funds, to anyone's, or any area's, to family or friend's, Unpollute Gift Card.
Or they could use their Unpollute Gift Cards for:

***Bike shop purchases, to start with! I imagine that if I'm still doing this myself, the first Unpollute Gift Cards will just be a gift card for the Unpollute members local bike shop of choice. And hopefully I'll have set up some discounts or found some nice bike commuter packages, or at least enabled a communication with that bike shop...
***Then, all Zero Emission future enabling purchases by a citizen or business that you could imagine. This site is here to help you imagine a lot. (A future part of this website will help you to imagine even more: The Unpollute Wizard) And if it's not here, then you can join and add it! Green stuff, sustainable stuff, from food and clothes to vehicles and installations! High tech and efficient or low-tech and abundant, free, or clean, and efficient too, because why not, absolutely all of it.

Most items sold in stores are bar-coded and this data base is already used by the Food Stamp program, which also uses a magnetic swipe card at this time, so modifications to this system could form part of the basis for Unpollute Gift Card program.

Zero Emissions is more important than just the one cause of late: Carbon footprint... pollution of all kinds really have to be addressed, and this solution includes them all.
Economic Stimulus!!!
Well, people do still need money for bikes... I must push this idea forward... Any critisms, issues so far? What about people trying to rip the system off for cash. Like buying with the Unpollute Card and then attempting returns for cash? Well, that's easy, actually, the system could just be setup to return the funds to the Unpollute card and not as cash. So people would have to actually sell the items... and that would be fine.
Unpollute Gift Cards, or just Unpollute Cards. Unpollute's funds all lessen the need for other giant infrastructure investments. Think about it: if we're all biking, walking, and cleanly transiting around more, then significantly less money will be need for road upkeep.

Well, I've spent more time recently reading some the Oregon and national legislature currently out there, and I'm very impressed with HR 2454 and Peter Defozio's and Oberstar's transportation bills. These look like good work, and not at all contrary to my ideas, Unpollute may fit right in!

From my readings I have learned that I should rewrite the bill again, but with all if it's benefits written right in, and near the beginning at that!!! Ha ha.

Ok, this year I should get the non-profit status so that people and businesses and government agencies, etc  can donate UnPollute like to a charity.  Checking into achieving this goal...



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